Acupuncture is to insert hair-like needles into the skin through the acupoints which can be found on some 14 major meridieans (energy pathways) and each so these meridians links to a specific organ or organ systems.

The theory of acupuncture recognizes that the disharmony of energy in the body creates chronic illnesseswhile blokage of energy creates pain and weakens the immune system. Acupuncture directly rebalances the energy flow by needles and therefore re-installs health. The theory of acupuncture coincides with the theory of energy physics by Dr. Einstein – No energy, no growth! A theory that explains the phenomenon of electricity or energy while the Murphy’s Law fails to do so.

Most patients do not report feeling pain upon insertion of the needles. Acupuncture needles are very fine, sterile and disposable. These tiny needles are gently inserted at specific points along the meridians on the body. Once inserted, people describe experiencing a feeling of warmth, tingling, heaviness or energy flow around the needle and along the meridians. At the end of the treatment, most people experience a deep state of relaxation and well-being.

Acupuncture has no side effects whatsoever if applied correctly. The use of acupuncture for patients who have difficulty taking prescription drugs may helps to reduce or eliminates the intake of such. Further, the effect of acupuncture is usually long lasting!

An initial acupuncture treatment takes a little bit of extra time during which time we will review the patientʼs medical history, discuss the current health concern and any previous diagnosis(if the person has one) with the patient, perform various diagnostic examinations and provide a treatment with acupuncture by inserting needles along acupuncture meridians while the patients lays on a massage table or sit in a chair in a comfortable setting. Other treatment modalities may be applied in conjunction with the needles to enhance the treatment effect. Follow up appointments take 25-40 minutes.

A number of variables have to be taken into account in order to determine how many treatments a person will need. A personʼs response to the acupuncture treatments, duration of the condition and severity of the condition are a few of these variables. More importantly, the patient’s own energy level is the deciding factor of treatments required. However, changes should be observed and felt by a person after only a couple of treatments.