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Welcome to Points & Needles Acupuncture Clinic.

With many years of prior health care experience, Points & Needles Acupuncture Clinic was established in 2001. In particular, we specialize in acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. With many great years of collective clinical experiences from three generations you can count on the expertise and success of our achievements in Chinese medicine.

At Points & Needles Acupuncture Clinic, our goal is to help patients cope with their fundamental health problems by means of methods defined in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Our approach is to identify the cause of problem rather than masking the symptoms which you might have likely experienced with many medical drugs. We boast a 90% plus success rate and are confident to offer help for your health concerns. For a free initial consultation session, call Erik Chhuo, a licensed and certified Chinese medicine practitioner at 905 430-0137. We can also offer a free trial session should you be new to acupuncture.

Thank you Erik so much for the treatment. I feel great. What a difference! God bless you.

Katherine Misangyi
(519) 562-4180

I have been having lower back pain and leg pain for the last 10 years, after unsuccessful visits to other medical alternatives, I must admit that Erik has taken care of me and has relieved me of any pain. Thanks Erik

Bernard Alberigo
(905) 668-8839

Erik has able to help me with a pinched nerve on my shoulder only after a couple sessions. I was able to move freely and this is done without any medication. All the best for your practice Erik

Manon Lacroutz
(905) 665-4826

Erik, My shoulder is all better!! I’ll see you next time for more acupuncture treatments when my shoulder flares up again.

Polly (Gill)
(905) 668-9328

Living with Crohn’s disease for 15 years and have tried everything and been to so many doctors, I came into a health food store where I met Erik,who has changed my life and my condition etc. I’m sleeping better now, pain free and starting to feel alive again.

I thank Erik for his wisdom and knowledge. God bless him.

Theresa Mason